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Acanthaceae - the black-eyed Susan family

Adoxaceae - the moschatel family

Aizoaceae - the fig-marigold family

Amaranthaceae - the amaranth family

Amaryllidaceae - the amaryllis family

Anacardiaceae - the mango family

Annonaceae - the custard apple family

Apiaceae - the celery family

Apocynaceae - the oleander family

Aquifoliaceae - the holly family

Araceae - the arum family

Araliaceae - the ivy family

Araucariaceae - the bunya family

Arecaceae - the palm family

Aristolochiaceae - the Dutchman's pipe family

Asparagaceae - the asparagus family

Aspleniaceae - the spleenwort family

Asteraceae - the daisy family


Balsaminaceae - the balsam family

Basellaceae - the Madeira vine family

Begoniaceae - the begonia family

Berberidaceae - the barberry family

Bignoniaceae - the jacaranda family

Bixaceae - the achiote family

Boraginaceae - the comfrey family

Brassicaceae - the cabbage family

Bromeliaceae - the bromeliad family

Burseraceae - the myrrh family

Buxaceae - the box family


Cactaceae - the cactus family

Caesalpinaceae - see under Fabaceae

Campanulaceae - the harebell family

Cannabaceae - the hemp family

Cannaceae - the canna family

Capparaceae - the caper family

Caricaceae - the papaya family

Caryophyllaceae - the carnation family

Casuarinaceae - the she-oak family

Celastraceae - the bittersweet family

Chenopodiaceae - see under Amaranthaceae

Cleomaceae - the stinkweed family

Clusiaceae - the St. John's wort family

Combretaceae - the false almond family

Commelinaceae - the wandering Jew family

Compositaceae - alt. name for Asteraceae

Convolvulaceae - the morning glory family

Costaceae - the costus family

Crassulaceae - the stonecrop family

Cucurbitaceae - the cucumber family

Cupressaceae - the cypress family

Cyatheaceae - the scaly fern tree family

Cycadaceae - the sago palm family

Cyperaceae - the papyrus family


Dioscoreaceae - the yam family


Ebenaceae - the persimmon and cedar family

Elaeocarpaceae - the quandong family

Ericaceae - the heath family

Euphorbiaceae - the spurge family


Fabaceae - the pea family


Geraniaceae - the geranium family

Gesneriaceae - the African violet family

Goodeniaceae - the goodenia family


Haemodoraceae - the bloodwort family

Heliconiaceae - the heliconia family


Iridaceae - the iris family


Lamiaceae - the lavender family

Lauraceae - the laurel family

Lecythidaceae - the Brazil nut family

Leguminosae - alt. name for Fabaceae

Lentibulariaceae - the bladderwort family

Liliaceae - the lily family

Loranthaceae - the mistletoe family

Lythraceae - the crape-myrtle family


Magnoliaceae - the magnolia family

Malpighiaceae - the acerola family

Malvaceae - the hibiscus family

Mangroves - various families

Marantaceae - the arrowroot family

Melastomataceae - the melastoma family

Meliaceae - the white cedar family

Menispermaceae - the moonseed family

Menyanthaceae - the buckbean or marshwort family

Mimosaceae - the wattle family

Moraceae - the fig family

Moringaceae - the moringa family

Musaceae - the banana family

Myrtaceae - the gum family


Nephrolepidaceae - the sword fern family

Nyctaginaceae - the bougainvillea family

Nymphaeaceae - the water lily family


Ochnaceae - the Mickey Mouse bush family

Oleaceae - the olive family

Onagraceae - the evening primrose family

Orchidaceae - the orchid family

Oxalidaceae - the wood-sorrel family


Pandanaceae - the pandanus family

Papaveraceae - the poppy family

Passifloraceae - the passionfruit family

Phyllanthaceae - the phyllanthus family

Phytolaccaceae - the pokeweed family

Picrodendraceae - the picrodendron or quinine family

Pinaceae - the pine family

Piperaceae - the pepper family

Pittosporaceae - the pittosporum family

Plantaginaceae - the plantain family

Poaceae - the grass family

Polemoniaceae - the phlox family

Polygonaceae - the dock family

Polypodiaceae - the fern family

Portulacaceae - the purslane family

Primulaceae - the primrose family

Proteaceae - the waratah family

Psilotaceae - the whisk fern family

Pteridaceae - the maidenhair fern family

Putranjivaceae - the putranjiva family


Rhamnaceae - the buckthorn family

Rhizophoraceae - the mangrove family

Rosaceae - the rose family

Rubiaceae - the gardenia family

Rutaceae - the lemon family


Salicaceae - the willow and poplar family

Salviniaceae - the salvinia family

Santalaceae - the sandalwood family

Sapindaceae - the lychee family

Sapotaceae - the sapote family

Simaroubaceae - the simarouba family

Smilacaceae - the smilax family

Solanaceae - the nightshade family

Sterculiaceae - synonym of Malvaceae

Strelitziaceae - the bird-of-paradise family

Stylidiaceae - the Trigger Plant family


Taccaceae - see Dioscoreaceae

Talinaceae - the waterleaf family

Tropaeolaceae - the nasturtium family

Typhaceae - the bulrush family


Urticaceae - the nettle family


Verbenaceae - the lantana family

Violaceae - the pansy family

Vitaceae - the grape family


Xanthorrhoeaceae - the grass tree family


Zamiaceae - the coontie family

Zingiberaceae - the ginger family

Zygophyllaceae - the caltrop family







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