Don Herbison-Evans's excellent series of linked websites on Australian Moths, Butterflies, Caterpillars and Plants

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories

Lichens of Magnetic Island, by Patrick McCarthy (Flickr album)

Sydney Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

James Cook University, Townsville - Discover Nature

 Australian Native Plants Society

The Society for Growing Australian Plants (Townsville Branch)

Graeme Cocks' Insects of Townsville
(also includes section on plants)

North Quuensland Plants (Cairns)


Over the last few years, several online resources have been developed for examining the herbarium sheets of many herbaria, both in Australia and overseas.

Australia’s Virtual Herbarium or

NSW Flora Online

Charles Sturt University

Another interesting site being developed is the Virtual Botanic Garden:

Plants of Central Queelsland, by Eric Anderson
(Identification and Uses of Native and Introduced Species)
Published by CSIRO Publishing 2016
preview here
Magnetic Island Weeds Guide
Published by NQ Dry Tropics et al. 2018
download here

Some Weeds of Magnetic Island and Townsville, by Jan Wegner
Published by James Cook University
online here

Grass Genera in Townsville, by Nanette B. Hooker
Published by James Cook University 2012
Grasses of Townsville, by Nanette B. Hooker
Published by James Cook University 2016

 Plants of Magnetic Island, 3rd edition, by Betsy R. Jackes
ISBN 0 9589942978 0 9808183 8 3
Published by James Cook University

Grasses of James Cook University, Townsville Campus, by N.B. Hooker and B.R. Jackes

ISBN 9780980558616 (pdf)

Published by James Cook University

Free download Part A

                        Part B

Species Profiles for Pacific Island Agroforestry

These are excellent little books, some of them on local species.

Free download at

Native Plants of Queensland, by Keith A.W. Williams, in 4 volumes
ISBN 0 9595570 0 8
ISBN 0 9595570 1 6
ISBN 0 9595570 2 4
ISBN 1 875401 79 2
The first 3 volumes of these excellent books were published by Keith Williams himself. They are now out of print, and are very difficult (but not impossible) to find, except in good libraries. Volume 4 was published by CopyRight Publishing Co. Pty Ltd, GPO Box 2927, Brisbane 4001, and is still fairly easily obtainable.

Tropical Plants of the World, by Jens G. Rohwer

 ISBN 0 8069 8387 6

Published by Sterling Publishing Co, Inc., New York

Coastal Plants of the Burdekin Dry Tropics

ISBN 0 9758460 6 X

Published by Burdekin Dry Tropics

Bush Friendly Plants of the Burdekin Dry Tropics

ISBN 978 1 921584 23 7

Published by NQ Dry Tropics

Field Guide to the Mangroves of Queensland, by Catherine Lovelock

Published by the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Free download at

The Burdekin Delta Tree Guide, by Greg Calvert
ISBN 978 0 646 52622 5
Published by Lower Burdekin Landcare Association Inc.

Plants of the Tropics, by Betsy R. Jackes

ISBN 0 86443 685 8

Published by James Cook University

 Growing Australian Tropical Plants, by Peter & Ann Radke, Garry & Nada Sankowsky

ISBN 0 9589942 9 3

Published by Frith & Frith Books

 Rare and Threatened Plants of the Townsville Thuringowa Region, by Greg Calvert, Con Lokkers and Russell Cumming

ISBN 978 0 975773000

Published by Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare

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