Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink

sexy pink


Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink'

Lane ex Barreiros 1972

pronounced: hell-ih-KOH-nee-uh char-TAY-see-uh

(Heliconiaceae — the heliconia family)


common name: sexy pink

See also Heliconia spp.

Chartaceus is Latin for 'papery'. One of the nicest hanging heliconias, 'Sexy Pink' has a pink rachis fading into frosty pink bracts with delicate pale greenish white borders. It is a medium sized heliconia, reaching 200 cm tall. The leaves and inflorescences are covered with a white waxy bloom, and the leaves have a very characteristic shredded look. Blooms throughout the year.


Photographs taken 2010, Picnic Bay

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