Heliconia bourgaeana

purple heliconia


Heliconia bourgaeana

Petersen 1890

pronounced: hell-ih-KOH-nee-uh bot-joo-AH-nuh

(Heliconiaceae — the heliconia family)

synonym — Heliconia champneiana

Griggs 1903

pronounced: hell-ih-KOH-nee-uh champ-nee-AH-nuh

common name: purple heliconia

See also Heliconia spp.

Named for Eugene Bourgeau, 19th century French botanical collector, it grows to 120 - 550 cm. The inflorescence is erect and flowering all year. The bracts are red, pink a crimson ripening to purple. Native to Mexico, Brazil & Costa Rica.


Photographs taken 2010 Picnic Bay

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