Rubiaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

pronounced: roo-bee-AY-see-eye

the gardenia family

Rubia gardeniais the Latin word for the madder, derived from rubeus, reddish. This is a very large family, occurring generally as trees and shrubs in tropical regions, and more often as  herbs in temperate regions, and it includes some lianas. In the tropics, many members, such as coffee and quinine, have economic importance, or, such as Ixora and Gardenia, are grown as ornamentals. Some are grown for medicinal use (ipecacuanha) or for dye. Members of the family mostly have simple and usually entire leaves opposite or in whorls, stipules, and flowers with inferior ovaries. There are usually 4 or 4 unjoined sepals, and 4 or 5 joined petals, often in panicles, and 4 or 5 stamens. Fruits may be capsules, berries, drupes or schizocarps.

Aidia racemosa - Archer Cherry

Atractocarpus fitzalanii - Native Gardenia

Canthium attenuatum (syn.) - Native Australian Myrtle

Canthium coprosmoides (syn.) - Coast Canthium

Canthium odoratum (syn.) - Shiny-leafed Canthium

Coelospermum reticulatum (syn.) - Medicine Bush

Coffea arabica - Coffee

Cyclophyllum coprosmoides - Coast Canthium

Gardenia augusta - Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides - Gardenia

Gardenia ochreata (syn.) - Native Gardenia

Hamelia patens - Firecracker Bush

Ixora coccinea - Ixora

Ixora klanderiana (syn.) - Native Ixora

Ixora kochii (syn.) - Native Ixora

Ixora timorensis - Native Ixora

Kailarsenia ochreata (syn.) - Native Gardenia

Larsenaikia ochreata - Native Gardenia

Mitracarpus hirtus - White Eye

Morinda citrifolia - Noni

Mussaenda spp. - Bangkok Rose

Nauclea orientalis - Leichhardt Tree

Oldenlandia corymbosa - Diamond Flower

Pavetta australiensis - Butterfly Bush

Pentas lanceolata - Pentas

Pogonolobus reticulatus - Medicine Bush

Psychotria fitzalanii - Yellow-fruited Psychotria

Psychotria poliostemma - White-fruited Psychotria

Psydrax attenuata - Native Australian Myrtle

Psydrax odorata f. foveolata - Shiny-leafed Canthium

Randia fitzalanii (syn.) - Native Gardenia

Randia lamprophylla (syn.) - Archer Cherry

Richardia brasiliensis - Mexican Clover

Spermacoce brachystema - Stiff-leafed Spermacoce

Stylocoryna racemosa (syn.) - Archer Cherry

Timonius rumphii (syn.) - Timon Tree

Timonius timon - Timon Tree

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