Myrtaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

pronounced: mir-TAY-see-eye

the gum family

gum treesΜυρτος (myrtos) was the Greek name for the myrtle tree, the Myrtus genus. This is a northern hemisphere genus, although many members of the family, especially the eucalypts, are native to the southern hemisphere. Members of the family range from woody shrubs to tall trees, all with aromatic leaves containing oil glands, and usually having entire margins. The flowers usually have 5 sepals and 5 petals, and many stamens, which are long and conspicuous, and often brightly coloured. In the eucalypts, the petals and sepals are joined to form a cap over the bud. The fruits are generally woody, e.g. gumnuts.


Acca sellowiana - Pineapple Guava

Austromyrtus bidwillii (syn.) - Scrub Python Tree

Backhousia myrtifolia - Cinnamon Myrtle

Callistemon spp. - Bottlebrush

Corymbia citriodora - Lemon-scented Gum

Corymbia clarksoniana - Grey Bloodwood

Corymbia ficifolia 'Fairy Floss' - Red-flowering Gum

Corymbia papuana - Ghost Gum

Corymbia polycarpa - Long-fruited Bloodwood

Corymbia ptychocarpa - Swamp Bloodwood

Corymbia tessellaris - Tessellated Ghost Gum

Corymbia torelliana - Cadaghi Gum

Eucalyptus citriodora (syn.) - Lemon-scented Gum

Eucalyptus clarksonia (syn.) - Grey Bloodwood

Eucalyptus drepanophylla - Grey Ironbark

Eucalyptus ficifolia (syn.)- Red-flowering Gum

Eucalyptus papuana (syn.) - Ghost Gum

Eucalyptus platyphylla - Poplar Gum

Eucalyptus polycarpa (syn.) - Long-fruited Bloodwood

Eucalyptus ptychocarpa (syn.) - Swamp Bloodwood

Eucalyptus tereticornis - Forest Red Gum

Eucalyptus tessellaris (syn.) - Tessellated Ghost Gum

Eucalyptus torelliana (syn.) - Cadaghi Gum

Eugenia aquea (syn.) - Water Apple

Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

Eugenia carissoides (syn.) - Beach Cherry

Eugenia dombeyi (syn.) - Grumichama

Eugenia reinwardtiana - Beach Cherry

Eugenia uniflora - Brazilian Cherry

Feijoa sellowiana (syn.) - Pineapple Guava

Gossia bidwillii - Scrub Python Tree

Leptospermum flavescens (syn.) - Tantoon

Leptospermum longifolium (syn.) - Weeping Tea Tree

Leptospermum madidum - Weeping Tea Tree

Leptospermum polygalifolium - Tantoon

Leptospermum scoparium - Manuka

Lophostemon confertus - Queensland Box Tree

Lophostemon grandiflorus - Northern Swamp Box Tree

Melaleuca bractata - Black Tea-Tree

Melaleuca leucadendra - Melaleuca

Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow-in-Summer

Melaleuca viridiflora - Broad-leafed Paperbark

Metrosideros sp. - New Guinea Bottlebrush

Myrciaria cauliflora (syn.) - Jaboticaba

Plinia cauliflora - Jaboticaba

Psidium cattleianum - Cherry Guava

Psidium littorale var. longipes (syn.) - Cherry Guava

Syzygium aqueum - Water Apple

Syzygium australe - Brush Cherry

Syzygium 'Cascade' - Cascade Lilly-Pilly

Syzygium luehmannii- Small-leafed Lilly-Pilly

Syzygium pseudofastigiatum - Claudie Satinash

Syzygium tierneyanum - Bamaga Satinash

Xanthostemon chrysanthus - Golden Penda

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