Malvaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

pronounced: mal-VAY-see-eye

the hibiscus or mallow family

Malva Hibiscus rosa-sinensisis Latin for the mallow. The Malvaceae are herbs, shrubs or tress characterized by the presence of stellate hairs and mucilaginous sap. The leaves are alternate, simple, and usually palmately veined; stipules are present. The flowers are usually bisexual: 3 – 5 petals, more-or-less fused, often subtended by an epicalyx of 3 or more segments. There are 5 petals, distinct, but usually fused to the base of the staminal column. There are numerous stamens, their filaments fused in a column surrounding the style. The ovary is superior; there are 2 to many carpels, often 5, united; 1 to many ovules; the style branched, with the same number of branches as there are carpels, or twice the number. The fruit is a capsule or a schizocarp.

Abelmoschus esculentus - Okra

Abelmoschus manihot - Aibika

Abelmoschus moschata ssp. tuberosus - Native Rosella

Abutilon auritum - Asian Indian Mallow

Bombax ceiba - Bombax

Brachychiton acerifolius - Flame Tree

Brachychiton populneus - Kurrajong

Brachychiton rupestris - Bottle Tree

Corchorus hygrophilus - Native Jute

Gossypium barnadense - Cotton

Grewia australis - Emu Berry

Grewia graniticola - Granite Emu Bush

Grewia retusifolia - Dog's Balls

Helicteres semiglabra - Helicteres Shrub

Hibiscus acetosella - False Rosella

Hibiscus divaricatus - Native Hibiscus

Hibiscus divaricatus var. luteus (syn.) - Native Hibiscus

Hibiscus esculentis (syn.) - Okra

Hibiscus manihot (syn.) - Aibika

Hibiscus meraukensis - Wild Rosella

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - Hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis El Capitolio - Poodle Hibiscus

Hibiscus sabdariffa - Rosella

Hibiscus schizopetalus - Coral Hibiscus

Hibiscus tiliaceus - Beach Hibiscus

Malva rhombifolia (syn.) - Arrow-leaf Sida

Melhania oblongifolia - Melhania

Sida acuta - Wire Weed

Sida auritum (syn.) - Asian Indian Mallow

Sida cordifolia - Flannel Weed

Sida rhombifolia - Arrow-leaf Sida

Sterculia quadrifida - Peanut Tree

Theobroma cacao - Cacao

Thespesia populnea - Pacific Rosewood

Triumfetta rhomboidea - Triumfetta Burr

Urena lobata - Urena Burr

Waltheria indica - Sleepy Morning

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