Meliaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

pronounced: mee-lee-AY-see-eye

the white cedar family

neem flowerThe name of the type genus Melia is derived from the Greek word μελια (melia), the ash tree, with reference to the similarity of the leaves. The name originally came from the word for honey, μελι (meli), as several species of Ash have sweet sap. These are mostly trees, native to tropical and sub-tropical regions. They are usually dioecious. Leaves are alternate, usually 1-pinnate (though rarely simple or 2 or 3-pinnate), margins mostly entire. The inflorescences are usually axillary panicles. There is much variation in the flowers. The fruit may be a capsule, a berry, a drupe or rarely a nut, and the seeds are sometimes winged.

Aglaia elaeagnoidea - Priyangu

Aglaia roxburghiana (syn.) - Priyangu

Azadirachta indica - Neem

Melia azedarach - White Cedar

Swietenia mahagoni - West Indian Mahogany

Turraea pubescens - Native Witch-hazel

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