Cannabaceae  Martinov, 1820, nom. cons.

pronounced: kan-nuh-BAY-see-eye

the hemp family

Cannabaceae hops flowersis derived from the Greek κανναβις (kannabis), hemp. The family contains trees, shrubs, erect herbs and climbing vines. Leaves are often more-or-less palmately lobed or palmately compound, and always bear stipules. Flowers are radially symmetrical, and not showy, as the plants are wind-pollinated. They are usually unisexual, the axillary inflorescences cymes. There are no petals. The female flowers have 5 sepals fused together below the ovary. In some genera, the fruit is subtended by a bract that may be large enough to conceal the flowers and fruits (hops). The fruit may be an achene or a drupe.


Trema aspera  var. viridis (syn.) - Poison Peach

Trema tomentosa  var. viridis - Poison Peach

Photograph by Dr Hagen Graebner, via Wikimedia Commons

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