Boraginaceae  Juss., 1789 nom. cons.

pronounced: boor-ar-jin-AY-see-eye

the comfrey family

Russian comfrey flowersMost members of the family have stems, leaves and inflorescences  covered in rough hairs. The leaves are generally alternate, simple and entire, without stipules. The flowers are borne in a characteristic coiled inflorescence known as a crozier, the lower flowers opening first. There are 5 sepals, either free or joined at the base, and a 5-lobed corolla. The flowers are usually bisexual, although sometimes the female flowers are on separate plants. There are 5 stamens attached to the corolla. The flower colour is frequently blue, although other colours are possible. The ovary is superior, and the fruit is either 4 nutlets or a drupe. Many members of the family are used medicinally.

Cordia dichotoma - Glueberry

Cordia myxa - see Cordia dichotoma

Cordia sebestena - Geiger Tree

Cordia subcordata - Kou

Heliotropium indicum - Indian Heliotrope

Heliotropium peninsulare - White Heliotrope

Trichodesma zeylandicum - Camel Bush

Photograph by en:Sannse, via Wikimedia Commons

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