Lamiaceae Martinov, nom. cons.

pronounced: lay-mee-AY-see-eye

the mint or lavender family

lavenderThe original name of this family was Labiateae (Latin labia, a lip), so given because the flowers typically have petals fused into an upper lip and a lower lip. Although this is still considered an acceptable alternative name, most botanists now use Lamiaceae. This name is derived from the Latin lamium, the dead-nettle, one of the genera of the family. Lamiaceae are mostly herbs or shrubs, usually with strongly aromatic leaves. The leaves are opposite and decussate, or whorled. The stems are mostly square in cross-section, although one should be wary in using this fact to identify members, as not all members of the family are so, and square stems are sometimes found in other families. The flowers are mauve, purple or white. Many widely used culinary herbs are members: basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, hyssop, thyme, lavender and perilla. The family has recently been much enlarged. Callicarpa, Clerodendrum, Oncinocalyx, Phyla, Premna and Vitex, now included in Lamiaceae, were previously included in the Verbenaceae.

Anisomeles malabarica - Malabar Catmint

Callicarpa cana (syn.) - Great Woolly Malayan Lilac

Callicarpa candicans- Great Woolly Malayan Lilac

Clerodendrum floribundum - Lolly Bush

Clerodendrum heterophyllum - Tree of Little Stars

Clerodendrum incisum - Musical Note Plant

Clerodendrum inerme - Seaside Clerodendrum

Clerodendrum longiflorum var. glabrum - Witches' Tongues

Clerodendrum macrosiphon (syn.) - Musical Note Plant

Clerodendrum splendens - Flaming Glorybower Vine

Clerodendrum thomsoniae - Bleeding Glorybower Vine

Clerodendrum udandense (syn.) - Blue Butterfly Flower

Clerodendrum wallichii - Nodding Clerodendrum

Coleus blumei (syn.) - Coleus

Congea tomentosa - Woolly Congea

Glossocarya hemiderma

Hyptis capitata - Knobweed

Hyptis suaveolens - Horehound

Lavandula dentata - French Lavender

Mentha spicata - Spearmint

Ocimum basilicum - Sweet Basil

Ocimum tenuiflorum - Sacred Basil

Origanum vulgare - Origano

Orthosiphon aristatus - Cat's Whiskers

Plectranthus scutellarioides - Coleus

Premna serratifolia - Creek Premna

Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary

Rotheca incisa (syn.) - Musical Note Plant

Rotheca myricoides ssp. myricoides - Blue Butterfly Flower

Sakvia coccinea - Blood Sage

Salvia faranacea - Mealy Sage

Salvia officinalis - Sage

Salvia splendens - Scarlet Sage

Solenostemon scutellarioides (syn.) - Coleus

Urtica candicans (syn.) - Great Woolly Malayan Lilac

Vitex rotundifolia - Beach Vitex

Vitex trifolia - Coastal Vitex

Volkameria heterophylla (syn.) - Tree of Little Stars

Volkameria inermis (syn.) - Seaside Clerodendrum

Westringia fruticosa - Native Rosemary

Photograph © Saffron Blaze (own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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