Moraceae  Gaudich., nom. cons.

pronounced: more-AY-see-eye

the fig family

Morus Ficus carica (common fig)was the Latin name for the mulberry tree, a member of this family. Nearly all plants of the family exude a milky sap. The leaves are simple, and generally alternate. The stipules are small and lateral, or sometimes they form a cap over the bud and leave a cylindrical scar. The flowers are unisexual and minute, and usually densely aggregated. A typical male flower has 4 stamens, one opposite each perianth segment. The female flowers have a pistil with 2 carpels, generally with 2 styles, although one may be suppressed. The ovary may be either superior or inferior, and contains a single pendulous ovule in a solitary locule. The individual fruits are small achenes or nuts, or drupes, often clustered into a multiple fruit, either a syncarp or a syconium.

Artocarpus altilis - Breadfruit

Artocarpus heterophyllus - Jakfruit

Dorstenia elata - Mattress Button Plant

Ficus benghalensis - Banyan Fig

Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig

Ficus carica - Common Fig

Ficus elastica - Rubber Fig

Ficus glomerata (syn.)  - Cluster Fig

Ficus hispida - Hairy Fig

Ficus lyrata - Fiddle-leaf Fig

Ficus microcarpa - Native Banyan

Ficus microcarpa var. latifolia - Chinese Banyan

Ficus obliqua - Small-leafed Fig

Ficus opposita - Sandpaper Fig

Ficus racemosa - Cluster Fig

Ficus rubiginosa - Rusty Fig

Ficus virens - White Fig

Morus nigra - Mulberry

Illustration by C.J. Trew via Wikimedia Commons

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