Apocynaceae  Juss. 1789 nom. cons.

pronounced: uh-poss-ih-NAY-see-eye

the oleander or dogbane family
Apocynaceae Apocynum X floribundum - dogbaneis derived from two Greek words απο (apo), away, and κυων, possessive κυνος, (kyon, kynos), a dog – one of the species was thought to be poisonous to dogs. The family consists of trees, shrubs, herbs, stem succulents and vines. The leaves are simple, usually opposite and decussate, or whorled, usually lacking stipules. The flowers are usually showy, aggregated in cymose or racemose inflorescences. They are bisexual, with a synsepalous, 5-lobed calyx united into a tube at the base. The inflorescences are terminal and axillary. The 4 or 5 stamens are united around the style. The ovary is usually superior, of 2 carpels, with a common fused style and stigma. There is usually a nectary consisting of 5 glands or an annular ring, at the base of the ovary. The fruit is usually a follicle, capsule or berry.

 Adenium obesum - Desert Rose

Allamanda cathartica - Allamanda

Alstonia scholaris - Milkwood

Alyxia spicata - Chain Fruit

Calotropis gigantea - Bowstring Hemp

Carissa brownii (syn.) - Currant Bush

Carissa diffusa (syn.) - Currant Bush

Carissa edulis (syn.) - Currant Bush

Carissa macrocarpa - Natal Plum

Carissa opaca (syn.) - Currant Bush

Carissa ovata (syn.) - Currant Bush

Carissa spinarum - Currant Bush

Cascabela thevetia - Captain Cook Tree

Catharanthus roseus - Pink Periwinkle

Cerbera lactaria (syn.)- Native Frangipani

Cerbera manghas - Native Frangipani

Cryptostegia grandiflora - Rubber Vine

Cynanchum carnosum - Mangrove Vine

Dischidia nummularia - Button Orchid

Euphorbia viminalis (syn.) - Caustic Creeper

Hoya australis - Waxflower

Hoya carnosa - Wax Plant

Ischnostemma carnosum (syn.) - Mangrove Vine

Mandevilla X Aloha White - Brazilian Jasmine

Marsdenia floribunda (alt. name) - Bridal Wreath

Marsdenia rostrata (syn.) - Milk Vine

Nerium oleander - Oleander

Ochrosia elliptica - Bloodhorn

Pachypodium lamerei - Madagascar Palm

Parsonsia lanceolata- Rough Silkpod

Pergularia rostrata - Milk Vine

Plumeria pudica - Bridal Bouquet

Plumeria sp. - Frangipani

Sarcostemma viminale - Caustic Creeper

Stapelia ambigua (syn.) - Carrion Flower

Stapelia grandiflora - Carrion Flower

Stephanotus floribunda - Bridal Wreath

Tabernaemontana orientalis - Australian Ibogaine Bush

Tabernaemontana pandacaqui - Banana Bush

Thevetia peruviana (syn.) - Captain Cook Tree

Trachelospermum jasminoides - Star Jasmine

Vinca rosea (syn.) - Pink Periwinkle

Wrightia antidysenterica - Arctic Snow

Photograph by M.L. Sargent,  swbiodiversity.org

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